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The Chase!

February 7, 2011

I have decided to blog after quite some time. This time is rather a strong thought. This post is about a chase, a chase of safety. Let ,me begin(as usual :D) with a small story.

Things are not normal in a refugee camp. People’s freedom is severely restricted. Their life is highly insecure. They are always in the safety zone; if not, hoping to get in to the safety zone soon. In short, they don’t look around and say “where does that road lead you to?”; instead, they are wondering, “how long is it, before I get back to my safe home?”. Imagine, the refugee camp sustains for a long time. Long enough so that there are third generation refugee’s, whose parents and grandparents too are refugees. Such people, wouldn’t have seen anyone living a normal life. When they get back, out of the refugee camp, they are still ill fated to run behind ‘safety’. They try to think progressively; they everything required for a successful rehabilitation. However, a large part of their motivation is inevitably lost in chasing safety. such is the effect of their inbuilt insecurity. This is the inbuilt insecurity I am talking about. This insecurity, runs through generations, as a practice; Of course, it’s effects decay over generations.

I see a rough shade of the above story in our country. The first post independent generation in India appear to be highly motivated. But, unfortunately, it’s all lost in chasing a secure life. Government jobs gained popularity just because, people were behind a ‘secured future’. What disappoints me is, the whole lot of people, considered to be ‘successful’ by their near neighbourhoods, are all successful just in chasing down a secure future- a clear effect of the inbuilt insecurity. (What also disappoints me is, this post is turning out to be serious, without even a single PJ 😀 :D) While people now are not behind government jobs, but behind the not-so-secure software jobs (an optimist would call that a ‘decay’ of the feeling of insecurity, from running behind a completely secured job to just a job :D) To that (small!) extent, we are now comfortable with the non-deterministic nature of future.

While it is clear that such a feeling of insecurity cuts down the freedom of an individual, sometimes I feel I am rather overvaluing the importance of freedom. In fact, to me, ‘For every living organism, the job of hunting for food is basic; it is respectable only when it does it on its own, in the natural way; and it should be given the freedom to do it by itself‘. This thought has been quite strong within me. Also, I see remote connections between freewill and intelligence or creativity. Hence, freedom or freewill, deserves a supreme position. What I would like to point out here, is this freedom is eaten up by ‘the chase’.

I don’t have much more to say. That was a blur, but strong thought flickering in my mind. Further, I don’t want this post to be chasing down something! :D, although I feel, it is some or the other chase which keeps us busy.


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